Canadian Business Listing Directories

Review of all the available (free) citation sites which allow for Canadian business listings.  They have been reviewed carefully, using Google searches, and articles listing them.

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On March 27, 2019

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Free Canadian Business Listing Directories

I try to review all the available citation sites which allow for Canadian business listings.  These Canadian Business Listing Directories are supposed to be free.  I have reviewed carefully all that I could find based on a Google search and a number of articles listing them.

Overall I have gone over more than 250 potential sites.  I tried to add my Business to each of these Canadian Business Listing Directory Services and discovered the following:


  1.  The majority of them have some issue such as
    • Not in business anymore
    • Interfaces with critical errors which stop you from adding the listing
    • Verification emails that never arrive
    • Listing which after submission never show up
  2.  Some of them allow you to enter a lot of information and are really great to use for promoting your business.
  3.  Some are only good for name and address.  Once you have set up your info there is no reason to go back.
  4.  A small number are really pay services.  I have added a list of them at the end.

Canadian Business Listing Directories are important for promoting your web presence. Care should be taken when setting up this information.


I have included a paragraph for each Canadian Business Listing Directory which worked for me (meaning, I was able to add my listing and could find it at a later date).

I have provided a list of all URLs of the directories that did not work or don’t exist anymore.  These have all shown up as free Canadian Business Listing Directories in articles found in my Google searches.  Save yourself a lot of time by just avoiding them.

Please leave a comment if you know of any other free Canadian Business Directory Listing services and I will update this article.

When adding your listing to these site please keep in mind:


  1.  I used Chrome and the auto fill feature was adding erroneous information to the address fields
  2.  AdBlock would block some of the interactive features on the site so turn it off
  3.  After you complete the registration, go back in to the site. In most of them you get the option to add additional information to the listing.
  4.  Make sure you don’t create duplicate listings.  Deleting the duplicate is often not easy.
  5.  Most of the sites requiring manual review will allow you to add additional useful information after approval.  Make sure to go back and see what new data fields have now become available.
  6.  I find it helpful to go back to the citation sites at lease once after setup and review all the information.  Many times I have the need to update existing information to make it more relevant and functional.
  7.  When adding your information try to avoid just copy and paste.  Make your short and long descriptions unique.  This is most important for the best sites like Google and Brownbook.

Resources used

Here is a list of all resources I used to locate all Canadian Business Listing Directories:

Brightlocal is one of the best.  For each site it includes the link to the sign up page and most of them were truly free.

WooRank. A lot of sites, not all useful.

Smartt.  A lot of the sites here don’t exist or just don’t work anymore.

Whitespark. A list of top 35 free sites.  A list of 203 sites.  I have gone through all these sites and a great number of them are not working, not free or have gone out of business. A few of them are actually spam sites.  At the end of this article I have a list of these sites.

Reviews and backlinks allowed

The following Citation sites allow you to post  about your business.  The posts can be either about the products and services you offer and/or articles or other comments.  In addition, they allow for user reviews.  These are some of the most useful Canadian Business Listing Directories I could find.

You can use these as a source for your backlinks.  Keep in mind there are two types of backlinks.  The good backlinks are FOLLOW which will help your SEO rankings.  The backlinks with NOFOLLOW are not used for SEO ranking so are not really helpful.

You should put most of your effort on sites offering the Follow backlinks.  For those sites you should have a follow backlink on your page, listing their domain somewhere in your website. Canadian Business Listing Directories at 411


It took at least 2 weeks and sales pitch but finally got my listing up.  No Images, product descriptions, articles etc.  One follow backlink is the website name.  Any changes will not be automatically posted, they need to be manually reviewed.  Once you are done with this one there is no reason to go back.

  • Logo: NO
  • Description: NO
  • Articles: NO
  • Images: N0
  • Website: Yes and its a Follow backlink.
  • Reviews: Yes. No follow links allowed using html TRY AGAIN IT MAY WORK WITH FOLLOW ADJUST HTML. Canadian Business Listing Directories at brownbook 

This is Great site.  Allows for a lot of information to be added.  Images, Follow backlinks, articles can be easily added.  Rated A for usefulness.


  • Logo:  Follow backlink to your website
  • Description: With follow backlinks
  • Articles: With follow backlinks
  • Images: With Follow backlink to your website
  • Website and blog: are follow backlinks. Canadian Business Listing Directories at businessmention 

Here is another Great site. You can add a lot of information if you want to, but you are not foced to.  You decide what is important for your listing. Images, backlinks, articles, reviews, all can be easily added.  Rated A for usefullnes.

  • Logo: As part of the images set
  • Description:  Yes with follow backlinks. Worth making sure that unique text is entered here.  Add your home website follow backlink here.  Images added here are URLs back to your site with follow backlinks.
  • Products and Servies:  You can add to their Products and services tab.  Backlinks are allowed here, just add them using the HTML code.
  • News and updates.  You can add news with follow backlinks.
  • Images:  Yes
  • Website:  Yes, No Follow link
canadawebconnection  Easy set up. No back links in description. Logo, pictures and social media links. Its been two months now and my listing is still to be Reviewed.    Go back for the reviews.

callupcontact Painful to setup.  No backlinks in description.  No reviews.  Set once and forget.

  • Logo: None
  • Map and location: Yes works great
  • Description: Yes but no links
  • Articles: No
  • Images: No
  • Website is a follow backlink.

Cybo  Easy to add listing.  You can add a lot of information here.  No backlinks allowed.  Pulls in from your social media activity so al ot of NOFOLLOW links are created automatically.  No Reviews.  Set once and forget.

  • Logo: None
  • Map and location: Yes works great
  • Description: No
  • Articles: No
  • Images: No
  • Website: follow backlink in the description.

Cylex  This could have been a great site.  No backlinks.  Easy to add listing.  You can add a lot of information here.  Allows for links, images, articles, reviews.  Not really useful but there may be a small benefit to adding links to each of your posting.  I have added links to all my articles in their articles section.  Go back to see your reviews and update the links to your posts.

  • Logo: Yes
  • Map and location: No Map
  • Description: Yes 
  • Articles: Yes
  • Images: Yes
  • Website: Yes

Facebook  Good interface and easy setup.  Allows for NOFOLLOW backlinks.  Reviews can also be added.  A lot of information can be added here. Other sites pick this info up.

fonolive  Easy setup.  Allow for links in description.  Add reviews and pictures.  No backlinks.  Once setup never go back

Google Local  One of the top social media platforms with high SEO ranking.  Allows for reviews and backlinks.  Easy to update and maintain, great promotion platform.  Shows up in both search results and maps.  Also dont forget the Google website as this is also a great place to add your promotions, news and create NOFOLLOW backlinks.

iBegin  Just citation.  No backlinks at all.  Once you set this up you never have to go back again since even reviews cannot be added.  Set once and Forget.

iGlobal  Clear interface, easy to add listing.  Good speed and updated immediately.  Citation and company description can hold enough info.  Images and reviews can be added.  I could not figure out a way to add a backlink. No reviews.  Free Ads.  Citation set once.  May want to go back for the free ads.

N49  Good interface easey to set up.  You can enter alot of information about your listing.  Allows for reviews, pictures and video to be uploaded.  No way to add backlinks.  Go back for the reviews only.

  • Logo: Yes
  • Map and location: No Map
  • Description: Yes
  • Articles: No
  • Images: Yes
  • Website: Yes. Follow backlink located on the contact info section.
  • Reviews: Yes

rateitall  Easy setup.  Website backlink.  Instant activation.  Allows for reviews.  Go back for reviews.  Good interface, easy to set up.  After you setup you can use the comments to add nofollow links.  Not really useful.  Another Set and forget site.

  • Logo: Yes
  • Map and location: Yes
  • Description: Yes
  • Articles: No
  • Images: Yes
  • Website: Yes. Follow backlink on this field.
  • Reviews/Comments: Yes. No Follow backlinks can be added here in the text portion. Section can be used to publish links to post as needed.

Citation only Canadian Business Listing Directories

The following Canadian Business Listing Directory sites allow you to only list your business.


2findlocal  Not able to list here.  The email confirmation process does not work.

Apple Maps  Lists your business on the apple maps application.  Easy to use and setup.  Set and Forget.

Bing  Adds citation to the Bing search engine.  Its easy to use.  It will allow you to import from Google Business so you don’t have to enter a lot of data to complete the setup.  It does take up to 10 days for the listing to appear.  No links or backlinks are allowed.  Bing will also add it to Bing Maps once its verified.  One follow backlink is allowed for the website name on Bing Maps.  Set and forget.

  • Logo: Yes
  • Map and location: No Map
  • Description: NO
  • Articles: No
  • Images: Yes
  • Website: Yes, No Link. 

breken Oakville community directory  Takes a few days to approve.  Get userid and password. Website is backlink. Keywords have social media links to our pages/accounts.  Allows for comments (A facebook user id is required to post). Use this to add NoFollow links to the pages you are promoting. Just add the link in the text and it automatically becomes a link once you post the comment.  Use for promoting articles and news. Easy to setup. Listing shows up right away. Citation plus company description, logo and products/services
.Allows for reviews to be added. Paid adds only. NO WAY to add backlinks, even the company website is a NOFOLLOW link. Set and Forget Easy to setup. Account activation confirmation took a day. Setting up after activation was very easy. You can list your business, your website and can place ads for free (allow for reviews and comments on all 3).   For business listing, very easy and quick Citation,logo,services. You get a website no follow link here. No way to add any follow backlinks. In the comments you can not put any links back to your pages. Not so usefull for promoting your pages.  Go back to this for the reviews and the free ads.

canadaone. Easy to setup. Account activation confirmation took 2 days. Setting up after activation was very easy. You can list your business, your website (follow backlink). No reviews. They offer premium package with free ads and media releases. Overall a very nice site with great User interface.  Setup once i see no reason to go back. send in. No idea how long it will takes
.easy to add. Map does not work. Allows for keywords and business categories.
.Need to wait till its done and verify what can be actually done Easy to add listing. Allows for reviews. Cannot add images or backlinks. The website url is follow link in the Contact info tab. Allows for reviews.Go back to it for reviews only

Express Business Directory Easy to add listing.  You can add pictures display services and product. No review and no backlinks. Set up once and forget

Enrollbusiness Easy to add listing.  You can display services and product. Allows for reviews but No backlinks. Maybe go back just for the reviews

FoundLocally Easy to setup ,citation only, images, location and description, reviews.

FindUsHere Easy to setup ,citation only, images, location, description and reviews. No backlinks. Go back for reviews only

Fyple No backlinks. Allows for reviews, images, company info, keywords. Easy to use and setup. Page is published right away. Makes sure to add 5 images so the profile is complete. Set it and forget it Easy to add. Took a few days to show up. No description, images, address etc. Good for a backlink to the website. Nothing more. Set it and forget it

ic.gc Goverment of Canada. provides industry-specific analysis and information.Easy to setup ,citation only. Not sure how usefull this is. Set once and never go back. Easy to setup ,citation only, images, location, hours and description, Keywords was not working. No place to a review. Website field is follow backlink. Set once and forget it

lookupcanadian Easy to setup ,citation only very limited, works with facebook. Took a long time to be approved. Set once and forget it

mysheriff tried twice.  Worth going back for regular updates.
  • too slow and seems to get lost after the 1st page
  •  wait for a while to see if i get an email or their system finds my registration-inscription/home
  • not easy to work with
  • worked with the 2nd email. could not upload images.
  • No reviews
  • Able to add follow backlinks in the description. Could be a fluke, will see. Setup was easy. Took about a day to activate the listing. Allow for reviews, descriptions and categories.  NoFollow links only. You may want to go back fo the reviews Having difficulty adding listing here.  I was able to add my data here but now i cannot find my listing or login to the site.

profilecanada Citation and Reviews No backlinks. Even the company website is a NOFOLLOW link. Set it and forget it

shopincanada Easy to sign up and enter the listing. Allows of images, description, logo, products. Listing approved with 2 hours. Citation and Reviews No backlinks. Even the company website is a NOFOLLOW link. Set it and forget it

salespider Easy to sign up and enter the listing also very quick. Allows for the logo, and description. No reviews. The company website is a NOFOLLOW link. Set it and forget it

smallbizpages Easy to sign up and enter the listing also very quick. Allows for the logo, and description. No reviews. The company website is a FOLLOW link. Set it and forget it

tristardirectory easy to add no login. The company website is a FOLLOW link. Set it and forget it

whodoyou Easy to setup. Citation company description and keywords. No images or backlinks. Reviews are allowed. Go back to check reviews only

Webwiki Easy to setup. You can add listing, description, images and reviews.  You have to get your description correct the 1st time since there is no way to go back and update it. The website field is a follow Link. Reviews can be added. No way to add additional backlinks. Go back for the reviews.

Where To? Easy to setup. Map, address, and  images. The webiste field is follow backlink. No other backlinks allowed. Reviews can only be donw with iphone. Set once and forget it

wand. .easy setup .takes 7 days for listing to show up .allow for categories for your business to be shown under. .No company description, Images, Backlinks etc. Maybe they can be added once listing is active
worldweb. .easy setup .takes many days for listing to show up .No company description, Images, Backlinks etc. Set it and forget it.

Tupalo Painfull to setup. Allows for reviews and pictures. Able to add backlinks to the review comments. Go back for reviews and backlinks Difficult to setup up. Takes a couple of days to show up. Allows for no follow backlinks using Ancors inside the description. Only company logo can be added.  Reviews can also be added. Go back for the reviews and NO follow links

Yelp Easy to add listing. No backlinks allowed. Allows for reviews and images. Also you have to suffer throught the sales pitch. Go back for reviews 

Yellow Pages  Very painfull. Took to long. Once listed you just get the citation only. No access to modify listing.  You may be able to add reviews, not testing it yet. Go back for reviews

YelloYello Easy to use, allowed google login, allows for reviews and images. The website field is a follow backlink. Go back for the reviews

Not Really Free Canadian Business Listing Directories

The following Citation sites are NOT free. Some are up front asking for pay but others you only find out once have gone through the process of entering all the information at the end.


ShowMeLocal    appears to be fine till you start adding your information. It did not allow me to paste my info (leading to possible issues with typing errors). At the end you find out in oder to list you have to verify your business for a FEE. Really? .not free, the free package could not be added. Waiste of time not freem min 19 per year NOT FREE MIN $30 $50 paid service pay service . $10 one time fee. Not really worth it needs $7 to list. Added info not verified

These are not working or have just become spam links.

The following Citation sites used to work once but now have either gone our of business, are not reachable, or are just spam links.


FourSquare   Not a free one at the end after you enter all the information at the very last part you need to pay $20 fee to list your business. . No way to add listing here could not be reached does not work. After you fill in the info you get missing field error. does not work does not work does not work
https://www.list-company.con/ does not work does not work .could not add listing. Google maps issue. does not work not a citation listing. Its a web design company does not work out of business nope gone no option to add citation nope nope maintenance? cannot list here. Not a citation listing site part of yellow pages.
.issue with the Captcha. not working is now does not work Waiting for email confirmation gone for high school lessons. Not usable not working site sucks. Register page erros out. register page errors out also. could not be reached. not reachable .waiting on activation email. not working stuck on select state. now a spam site. payday loans This site is temporarily unavailable restricted 403 error not a listing spam site can not be reached domain is free. domain is free. some china supplies site I see no option to add here could not be reached. I see no option to add here I see no option to add here could not setup account. More of a map. Allows to add a location to the map. could not be reached. does not connect does not connect not a directory not working chineese out of business could be used for other. Not webiste desing site sucks. impossible to add since captcha is not shown site does not work not found pay only. .seem to have issue with cloudfare or hosting provider. cannot get to them . DOES NOT WORK edit says content violation when you try to post.

Do not allow for Canadian Business Listings

The following Business Listing Directories will not allow for Canadian listings. for us only US only for us only At this time Manta can only accept U.S. businesses to its directory. us listings only uk listings only for brazilian companies

Canadian Business Listing Directories, updated by API only.

The following Canadian Business Listing Directories allow for additions through an API. not to be update by users Only software


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