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How to test your website

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Web design testing and verification.

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Once you have completed the development of your website you should take the time to make sure every part of the web site is performing to specification thus ensuring all is working as expected.  You need to verify your site can be crawled by the search engine providers so it becomes visible on the web.

Its important to ensure your site’s complete functionality. Here are some of the reasons why. 

  1. if the site does not have links from the home page to all of your important pages the search engine crawlers will not see these pages. Its as if these pages do not exist.
  2. Invalid or missing links will cause the crawlers to stop indexing your site. Users will be turned off and move on to a besster site.
  3. Missing images  never look good on a page and bring down your rankings
  4. Slow loading pages will penalize your ranking and turn off your visitors
  5. Incorect or out of date links will leave visitors with a bad imperssion.


    website testing website-builders.ca oakville on

    1. Test a website’s performance using this free tool




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