(Last Updated On: March 1, 2019)

Adding Paypal buy buttons.

Its easy an quick. I had added a button to one of  my client websites a few months ago. Went through the process of seting up the sandbox and production accounts. Took me some time to set up and test the buttons.

One of the things i should have done was to take some notes. Today i have to add another paypal button to a new page. To my surpise i could not remember a thing. So i decided its time to write down some instructions.

In this aritcle i will go through the process of clonig an existing button and updating the only the new values need for my new item, like price and description. The rest of the atrributes are the same so no need to do anything.

Once I have the new button I will show you how to test and apply to the webpage.


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